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Bug#801636: Install suite jessie (not wheezy) in jessie image

> Eye-balling the configuration file for building the jessie image I
> noticed the "d-i mirror/suite string wheezy". It looked strange to me
> so I patched it locally to "jessie" because I thought it made more
> sense and I am filing this ticket hoping it is useful. I am not sure
> this is a correct change.

Humm i even greped a couple more occurences, I've just fixed that.

> While testing ("make stable-test") I noticed that "/etc/init.d/vboxadd
> start" failed. I ran packed in "-debug" mode (in order to prevent VM
> deletion after failed step), I inspected the content of the hard drive
> and I noticed that the file was not there. Suspecting recent systemd
> changes to be responsible, I rewrote the step to "service vboxadd
> start", I ran again and it worked. I did not test that such step works
> for the wheezy image (the script is shared for all the images) but I
> understand that it should.
> I wrote two commits with the changes and I published them at the link
> below - I will try to attach patch to this ticket.
> https://github.com/lucafavatella/debian-vm-templates/commit/5182ccf648179f276f93ea9e769767c304dff329

Thanks !

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