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Bug#787298: (no subject)

Despite reporting this bug, I wasn't initially subscribed to it, so I am just catching up on the discussion.

According to the wiki <https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Cloud/VagrantBaseBoxes>, the Vagrant base boxes include "Vagrant specific enhancements". One of the enhancements specifically mentioned is python-apt (which seems to have been specifically installed so that Ansible will work correctly).

I agree that it would be better if Ansible's apt module did not rely on aptitude, but it was incredibly confusing to try and figure what was happening:

- The previous unofficial Debian Vagrant base box I used included aptitude by default. - The cloud providers that I use all include aptitude by default in their images. - In order to successfully provision with Ansible's apt module and the official Debian images, I needed to run apt-get update before installing aptitude.

Personally, I think that if third-party software like Chef or Puppet are installed in the base box (with all of their dependencies), it also makes sense to install aptitude so that upgrading packages with Ansible works properly.

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