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Jessie 8.0 images for EC2

Hello Debian-Cloud,

Here are the Debian Jessie 8.0 base AMIs for AWS EC2 in all current regions:

|| '''Region'''  || '''hvm x86_64 ebs''' || '''paravirtual x86_64 ebs''' ||
|| ap-northeast-1 || ami-ce5594ce || ami-56549556 ||
|| ap-southeast-1 || ami-fa4c70a8 || ami-8c4c70de ||
|| ap-southeast-2 || ami-c71d61fd || ami-2f1e6215 ||
|| eu-central-1 || ami-02724d1f || ami-28724d35 ||
|| eu-west-1 || ami-99f39eee || ami-8bf29ffc ||
|| sa-east-1 || ami-b7f97daa || ami-dbf97dc6 ||
|| us-east-1 || ami-144f4d7c || ami-ac4c4ec4 ||
|| us-west-1 || ami-0343ae47 || ami-db43ae9f ||
|| us-west-2 || ami-0d5b6c3d || ami-a7596e97 ||
|| cn-north-1 || ami-26d14c1f || - ||
|| us-gov-west-1 || ami-a7d3b284 || ami-a5d3b286 ||

Please check the signature on this email to determine its authenticity and integrity to confirm the AMI IDs you may wish to launch. This information is also available here: https://wiki.debian.org/Cloud/AmazonEC2Image/Jessie

What about AWS Marketplace AMIs
Updates are shortly to be submitted to the AWS Marketplace team and will be available after they have duplicated. The Debian entry in Marketplace is here:
https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/seller-profile?id=890be55d-32d8-4bc8-9042-2b4fd83064d5. As at this time, there are over 12,000 AWS Customer accounts "subscribed" to the Debian images via AWS Marketplace.

Difference between the Marketplace AMIs and the Community AMIs
The Marketplace AMIs are exact copies of those I generate in US-East-1. They have separate AMI IDs as they are copied into the AWS Marketplace account. One note is that AWS Marketplace AMIs cannot have their root volume "detatched" for recovery.

What's New
32-bit images are no longer provided as the underlying 32bit environments are being deprecated by AWS. Please investigate multiarch for running 32-bit binaries in 64-bit hosts.

HVM images are now the preferred; PVM images are now deprecated by AWS; however, we have produced a 64-bit PVM image to support customers transitioning or currently holding long-term Reserved Instances.

Enhanced Networking, also known as SR-IOV, is now enabled in all HVM images. http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/enhanced-networking.html

Support for multiple Elastic Network Interfaces; just add via the EC2 API or Console, and these should be configured appropriately with no additional configuration.

Support for sub-interfaces; just add additional IP addresses via the EC2 API or Console, and these should be configured appropriately with no additional configuration.

AWS Cli is installed by default. Jessie has AWS Cli version 1.4.2 (package: awscli).

In the base image, but not enabled by default, is apt-transport-https. With some minor configuration, you can change a base AMI to use https://cloudfront.debian.net instead of the default unencrypted http://cloudfront.debian.net for your apt sources.list. If you're locking down your egress traffic (perhaps via a Security Group), then you may feel more comfortable enabling outbound port 443 instead of outbound 80.

S3 backed AMIs; these are not currently produced for Jessie, but we'll look to do this over the coming months.

Massive thanks goes to Anders Ingemann, Thomas "Zigo" Giorand, Thomaz Rybak, Marcin Kulisz, Charles Plessy, and everyone who helped the bootzstrap-vz project, packaging cloud-init, packaging awscli and python-boto, and testing AMIs. Also, thanks to AWS for paying for http://cloudfront.debian.net/ (also with SSL at https://cloudfront.debian.net/) which is in use now. For those looking for updated ISO images, check out http://cloudfront.debian.net/cdimage/release/.


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