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Re: Bug#694025: Debian package of 'Oz' uploaded to mentors.debian.net

On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 07:24:26PM +0200, Simon Josefsson wrote:
> Thanks for the pointer.  Trying it out, it looks to me that they don't
> offer the same functionality.  virt-builder downloads an image that
> someone else prepared (not sure how?)

At the moment using:
but I intend to get out of the business of building disk images for
virt-builder, and use the cloud images prepared by distros.

> and adapts it.  oz-install creates a new image by booting a normal
> d-i ISO together with preseeding.

Yup, that is basically correct.  Of course virt-builder is way faster.

> Is it possible to do that with virt-builder?

No -- although you could run the script above, building your own
images for your own virt-builder template repository, and then use
virt-builder to quickly deploy them.

> For my purposes, oz-install's approach is even better than
> virt-install's approach of doing debootstrapping, since I want the
> full D-I experience.  So these tools look complementary to me.


> To reduce confusion, maybe a small discussion in the package
> description or README.Debian is appropriate to explain the differences.
> Btw, thanks for doing the Oz Debian packaging.  Was there any reason
> it wasn't uploaded back then?

That's a good question -- I don't actually recall at all :-/


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