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Re: Handing off my duties

Best of luck, Jimmy!

And niltze, Eric!

Indeed, I found GCE command line extremely flexible in provisioning
and setting up a client's b2evolution-based site in a Debian VM --
since my client's previous legacy host had failed during an upgrade.
Migration to GCE was done on the fly via bash from my Debian local

By the way, in the 'Click to Deploy' Apps menu in the Developers
Console, I can see there is an option to select WordPress. Is there a
way that I can contribute b2evolution < http://b2evolution.net > to be
offered as a Click to Deploy App, as well?

Best Professional Regards.

On Fri, Apr 3, 2015 at 2:08 PM, Jimmy Kaplowitz <jkaplowitz@google.com> wrote:
> Hi Debian Cloud folks,
> Today is my last day at Google. It’s been excellent working with the Debian
> community as part of my day job to support Debian on Google Compute Engine.
> Google’s involvement in this will continue, and to that end I’d like to
> introduce Eric Johnson (CCed), whom some of you may have met at DebConf14 in
> Portland. He is taking over my duties leading the GCE team which supports
> guest operating system images. If you would have contacted me in my capacity
> as a Google Compute Engine team member, please contact him instead.
> After today, my google.com email address will no longer work, but of course
> I’ll continue to be reachable via my usual Debian email address (jimmy@d.o),
> IRC nickname (Hydroxide), and quite probably at DebConf15 (I’ve already
> registered). I don’t yet know how much I’ll be contributing to the
> Debian-on-GCE effort going forward, but if I do I’ll no longer be wearing a
> Googler hat and my contributions will no longer be copyright Google.
> Eric will not be the only Googler involved, just as I haven’t been the only
> Googler participating to date. In particular, the steady stream of
> bootstrap-vz pull requests from my colleagues will continue. Perhaps you’ll
> see some of them at DebConf15.
> Looking forward to seeing you all online and in Heidelberg!
> - Jimmy

Jose R R
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