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Re: AWS EC2 Jessie preparations: Deprecating i386. Deprecating PVM.

Thanks, great work.

Dnia 2014-11-04, wto o godzinie 00:49 +0800, James Bromberger pisze:
[ cut ]

> So what's missing?
> * Base image with the non-free nvidia drivers pre-installed for the g2
> (GPU) instance type[10] - I have tested this by manually installing
> the drivers[11] using nvidia-kernel-dkms but not scripted it or
> produced Debian blessed images already containing this.

It might be nice to have some script to install (and maybe configure)
non-free drivers. Although nouveou drivers are nice, non-free NVIDIA
drivers are needed for CUDA, which might be the reason for people
to use g2.* instances.
As soon as I have some time I'll test Jessie and try to play with
installation of various drivers.

Best regards.

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