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Re: AWS EC2: Updated AMIs for Wheezy 7.6, Jessie snapshots for 2014-6271 (Bash/shellshock)

On 28/09/2014 12:27 PM, Brian Gupta wrote:
> Thank you, thank you!

> How do we deal with all the AMIs out there with this bug? (This isn't
> just a Debian/AWS question). I wish there was a way to replace them
> without changing their IDs. </sigh>

We recommend apt-get update, apt-get upgrade - the same as anywhere else? Strongly suggest doing this on boot, but some instances are not accessible to/from Internet (within a VPC that is suitably configured to be isolated).

Indeed, the AWS messaging on scalability and DevOps is always around automation of build of images; that way its trivial to swap from one base image to another, - and that's also hopefully mostly true for entire OS upgrades...

There's also the question of virtual appliance vendors who build ontop of an existing Debian AMI - they also need to re-roll to a new baseline.

AWS Marketplace has already notified 'subscribers' to the AMIs we push to there to apply pending OS updates to installed and running instances. I'll push these 7.6.aws.2 images to Market place tonight (Australian time, next 6 hours) unless there are any concerns.


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