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Re: GCE completed the switch to bootstrap-vz! Plus a possible SSH auth regression

Thanks for watching! I'm sure there will be some iterations necessary before the package is fully functional, but indeed Thomas has been very helpful in getting our packaging underway and we thank him for it. Many thanks are due to you for your great porting work, too.

The password authentication regression was limited to the 20140807 image, having been fixed since the subsequent image dated 20140814.

- Jimmy

On Aug 31, 2014 3:58 AM, "Tomasz Rybak" <tomasz.rybak@post.pl> wrote:
Dnia 2014-08-13, śro o godzinie 11:40 -0700, Jimmy Kaplowitz pisze:
[ cut ]

> When making the switch, we did notice that SSH password authentication
> is unexpectedly no longer disabled across all clouds as it was in the
> old tasks/38-security file. Was this intentional or accidentally lost
> in some refactor? We're planning to push new images this week (and
> send a pull request) restoring the pre-existing behavior on GCE, but
> if it was an oversight more broadly, I can fix it in a shared part of
> the codebase rather than just a GCE-specific part.
It's probably ommission from my side. When porting build-debian-cloud
GCE provider to bootstrap-vz I was trying to keep feature parity between
those two.

BTW - I've watched your talk (except for the first 5 minutes - I had
transmission problems). Nice talk, and it looks like with Thomas Goirand
packaging Google Cloud SDK we'll have GCE quite usable in Debian.

Best regards.

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