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Re: speeding up bootstrap-vz VirtualBox images generation ?

Chris Fordham <chris@fordham-nagy.id.au> writes:

> On 11/08/2014 6:44 PM, "Olivier Berger" <olivier.berger@telecom-sudparis.eu>
> wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Feel free to suggest another venue for discussing bootstrap-vz issues.
> It would be better if people used the projects issue tracker on github.com.

I'm doing when I have spotted a real bug or feature request.

But it's not obvious if an issue tracker is the best place for

Sorry about being a bit pedantic, but may I ask from which stand point
you're advicing (i.e.: this doesn't deserve discussion on debian-cloud,
as most people aren't concerned with bootstrap-vz, or you're a
maintainer of bootstrap-vz not following debian-cloud... sorry, but your
response doesn't give much hints for someone not familiar with the who's

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

P.S.: it would be better if people used mail reader and habits that
properly quote when responding... unless mailman is the culprit ;-)
Olivier BERGER 
http://www-public.telecom-sudparis.eu/~berger_o/ - OpenPGP-Id: 2048R/5819D7E8
Ingenieur Recherche - Dept INF
Institut Mines-Telecom, Telecom SudParis, Evry (France)

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