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Bug#747229: cloud-utils requires qemu-img

Hi Thomas,

> However,
> I'm not sure that you really wanted to remove all of these dependencies:
> -         gnupg,
> -         python,
> -         python-paramiko,
> -         python-yaml,

These are required by the ubuntu tools that I'm dropping from the package.

> -         util-linux (>= 2.17.2),

This is still in the dependency list for the sub-package cloud-utils-image.

> Can you explain? Do you know why you ended up with a patch that doesn't
> apply on top of the 0002 one?

Did you rebase the debian/unstable branch to upstream 0.27 before applying the patches? That's the only explanation I can come up with as to why the patches don't apply (cleanly).


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