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AWS EC2: Deprecating Debian 7.4a, 6.0.9 AMIs (5 weeks away)

Hello all,

I'm going to call time on the Debian Wheezy 7.4a AMIs (released in response to the heartbleed vulnerability back on 8 April 2014); these have now been superseded by both 7.5 back on 26 April 2014, and now 7.6. I intend to remove public access from this old outdated AMI on Saturday 30th August 2014 (5 weeks from now).

At the same time, I am going to declare Debian Squeeze 6.0.9 AMIs deprecated as well, today replaced with 6.0.10. I'll use the same end date of Saturday 30th August 2014 (5 weeks away from now, Thurs 24 July 2014).

Any Cloudformation templates, and AutoScale groups that reference these deprecated AMIs should be updated to use newer AMIs. If you wish to preserve these images yourself, you may start an image, and then create a new AMI of the running instance saved in your account to keep it. Note that you will start paying for the storage of the snapshot (for EBS backed AMIS) or S3 storage (for S3 backed AMIS) corresponding to the instance at that time.

A short time after public access for these outdated AMIs has been removed, I will then dispose of these old images unless someone needs them re-enabled and extended for a period.

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