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Re: Creation of AWS images

Dnia 2014-07-05, sob o godzinie 11:13 +0200, Anders Ingemann pisze:
[ cut ]

> > One is related to checking whether image of that name already
> > exists; get_all_images() accepts named parameter owners, not owner:
> You're right. I have fixed that in the dev branch.

Thanks, everything works now.

> > EC2 image tries to install dhcpcd package; unstable (and Jessie)
> contains dhcpcd5.
> > Wheezy also contains dhcpcd5 - maybe we should change package to
> avoid problems for the next stable.
> I don't think we should change what software is installed between AMI
> releases of the same Debian version.

I agree.

> Changing it for > wheezy is however a good idea.
> > -               sed_i(dhcpcd, '^#*SET_DNS=.*', 'SET_DNS=\'yes\'')
> > +               if info.release_codename != 'sid':
> > +                       sed_i(dhcpcd, '^#*SET_DNS=.*', 'SET_DNS=
> \'yes\'')
> Is this option turned on per default in dhcpcd5?
Yes, if I understand it correctly.
dhcdpd5 calls all hooks from
including 20-resolv.conf
which creates /etc/resolv.conf

One can disable calling of some hooks by adding
"nohook NAME" to /etc/dhcpcd.conf,
but by default this file does not block any hooks.

> The patch looks good. Could you send a pull request for that? (Maybe
> add a little comment explaining why an old dhcpcd is chosen for wheezy
> and below).
Created, #118.
I've started thinking whether to fix (or at least unify) our situation
with different packages for different distributions. For now he have
few places in code which check for release, and few json files
with configuration. OTOH there is not much of them, so I do not
think we need to change anything now. In the future, when (if?)
we have more such problems, we might need to come with some solution
for that.

PS. I'm subscribed to the list so you do not need to send me separate

Best regards.

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