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Re: python-fysom dependency for bootstrap-vz

On 29 May 2014 22:17, Marcin Kulisz <debian@kulisz.net> wrote:
Hi all,

I just created, tested and uploaded to mentors python-fysom. It is dependency
for bootstrap-vz so if somebody would be so kind to review it and eventually
upload it to sid it would be great. If any changes/fixes are required it's in
collab-maint on alioth, so if you're DD or have W rights on alioth feel free to
do whatever work is needed.
If you don't have privs to push into alioth just send me a patch.

I didn't sent RFS yet as I though it may be faster to do it via cloud people

Package for review is available in here:

|_|0|_|                                          |
|_|_|0|         "Heghlu'Meh QaQ jajVam"          |
|0|0|0|         -------- kuLa ---------          |

gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys 0x58C338B3
3DF1 A4DF C732 4688 38BC F121 6869 30DD  58C3 38B3

Awesome Marcin, thanks!
fysom is an awesome and simple FSM, I have yet to encounter anything better, so I'd say it makes sense to add it as a package.
I use its pendant in _javascript_ as well.


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