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Partial transcription of DebConf13 "Public clouds and official Debian image status" BoF event video

I had a hard time making out all of the information available in the "Public clouds and official Debian image status" video so I took it upon myself to transcribe it as much as I could. I've done my best but I struggle to interpret speech at times so I can't say that the work is perfect. I have annotated in detail where I think transcription errors may exist. I have also tried my best to attribute speech to each individual participant but did not attempt to set names to participants; because I am not familiar with any individuals this may also be error prone. I have slightly copyedited the transcription as well for clarity. 

There is a lot of really good information in here. I'm hoping others can validate the work and fork if it has errors or to fill out the sections I've been unable to transcribe. The end result will be a handy document to reference when policy discussions come up.

The gist is available at https://gist.github.com/triddle/a675a0d24b42ab4012aa



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