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bits on bootstrap-vz on Azure

I just wanted to give a status on my depvts for bootstrap-vz for Azure.

I can build at the moment a vhd disk file to be used as an image. However i do not even reach (yet) the boot. Indeed, Azure requires an image disk to be a multiple of 1024 bits.
Though my partitions are multiple of 1024 bits, it seems that generated image is not fine for it....

For the moment I generate a raw image with Azure agent and convert it to vhd files.
Indeed, kpartx seems to fail on vhd disks at grub install:

Installing grub
device-mapper: resume ioctl on vdc2 failed: Invalid argument
create/reload failed on vdc2
Command 'kpartx -a /dev/mapper/vdc' returned non-zero exit status 1


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