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Re: Building GCE images with bootstrap-vz

Dnia 2014-02-24, pon o godzinie 23:10 +0100, Anders Ingemann pisze:
[ cut ]

> > Code does not seem very sophisticated. Two issues that seemed the
> most important were:
> > printing the list of plugins that will be used (I know that they are
> in log, but having them on screen would be nice)
> You can just use --debug. You think plugins loaded should be logged as
> <info> rather than <debug>?

Yes, I believe so. This way one will be able to look at the list
of plugins that will be used and switch to other tasks while image
gets generated. I'd treat it as check whether my understanding of
manifest and plugin dependencies are correct.
Of course, if this is only my view, I'll gladly use --debug, or change
log level of plugin loader locally.

Best regards.

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