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Re: AWS EC2: Debian 7.4 AMIs now available

Dnia 2014-02-09, nie o godzinie 22:57 +0800, James Bromberger pisze:
[ cut ]
> Type:           i386 EBS PVM     x86_64 EBS PVM  x86_64 S3 PVM
> x86_64 EBS HVM
> ================================================================================
> US-East-1:      ami-1f675d76     ami-d3675dba     ami-655a600c
> ami-9f675df6

[ cut ]

> As always, thanks to Anders and all other contributors - this was
> produced with the bootstrap-vz script. Note that I have not installed
> Non-Free GPU drivers for the g1 instance, and the HVM AMI is currently
> not permitted on the new G2 GPU instance type(s). I'm working on that
> so please stay tuned.

Does cg1.4xlarge works?
I tried to run ami-9f675df6 on cg1.4xlarge on us-east-1d and I got 
ssh: connect to host 54.* port 22: Connection timed out
System reachability check failed at February 18, 2014 7:42:00 PM UTC+1
(8 minutes ago)

Can anyone successfully run Debian AMIs on GPU instances?
I would like to test PyCUDA and PyOpenCL there...

Best regards.

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