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Re: Re: 'Official' Vagrant baseboxes

I don't believe any vm images by members of debian cloud team are on a ftp/http server yet? Its something I've wanted to have solved.
The first question is where would these belong? They are not the same as CD images.
Second, we must make sure the source code to build any images is provided.
Third, how do we get any image to become official and placed on the official host?

On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 1:18 PM, Brad Chesney <bradchesney79@gmail.com> wrote:
Just got a small taste of sadness in discovering there is no official box for 'vagrant box add'. I will create one for myself since it won't be anything special. Possibly consider uploading something to debian.org in the downloads area. Something > nothing? Seems like Mr. Gervais might have one that is of acceptable quality...

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