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Re: Changes for d-i, tasksel and d-cd

Le Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 11:39:31PM +0000, Steve McIntyre a écrit :
> Finally, I've been getting some useful feedback on the front of
> exactly which images we should be making at this point, and I'm
> thinking of dropping most of the CD options, leaving us with:
>  * netinst
>  * *1* single CD with more content (xfce, more useful stuff)
>  * DVD sets (and bigger)
> I'm thinking more about what we could/should fit into the "useful
> stuff" category, plus what we should call it ("recommended", "Debian
> developer toolbox", "good stuff"? *grin*). I remember Bdale asking for
> something like this last year at the debian-cd BoF at DC12, and there
> were general murmurs of support. Can we add sensible extra tasksel
> task(s) to cover the things that *we* consider useful? I'm thinking
> about:
>  * misc devel utils
>  * tools for wireless
>  * all the bits you'd want to be able to configure your latest machine
>    so it comes up on the network automatically so you can
>    configure/install it further easily remotely
>  * ...

Hi Steve and everybody,

I wonder what would be the overlap between everything non-graphical that one
wants to put on a medium of intermediate size (in your proposal: a CD), and
everything one wants to have on a cloud image that is not strictly minimal (the
Ubuntu images come to my mind).

If that would be large, then would it be interesting to maintain that list of
packages (as a task ?) in a coordinated way.

Have a nice week-end,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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