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Wheezy Debian-Installer images on the Amazon cloud.

Hello everybody,

I made some progresses with the preparation of Amazon Machine Images with a
preseeded Debian-Installer, thanks to the option --root-device-name of
euca-register (and it API equivalent), which either I never noticed before or
is quite recent, and solved my problem of not being able to boot an image that
is not installed partitionless.

While I have not yet devised a preseed file that would fully automate the
process, the method is already useful when using the network console (via
password; for a reason I do not understand, my latest test with SSH keys did
not work).

Since Debian-Installer for Wheezy is not often updated, maintaining public
images of it is not much work.  I therefore went ahead and made one image per
Amazon region, using the debian account that James Bromberger kindly prepared
and uses to distribute Debian images.  For the moment, please consider these
images experimental; I might delete them if they have a strong defect.  But my
plan otherwise is to produce new ones each time the Stable installer is
updated, and keep them as long as Stable is supported.

The machine numbers and the explanation on how I created them are available on
our wiki.


I hope that you will find them useful !  For the moment, I only prepared amd64
images, but if you need i386 ones, please let me know, or create one yourself
following the instructions, it is really simple.

Have a nice day,


Charles Plessy
Debian Med packaging team,
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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