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Re: How to boot XZ-compressed kernels on the EC2 ?

Hello Charles, world,

I am pleased to let you know that today AWS released PVGrub 1.04, with support for gzip, bzip2, lzo, and xz compression formats. This also supports GPT partitions (ie, large root volumes).

More information is here:

Patches for the Python version of build-debian-cloud are already submitted. This should pave the way for Jessie...


On 9/09/2013 6:37 PM, Bromberger, James wrote:
Hi all,

AWS EC2 does not currently support XZ compressed kernels, but is looking to do so in a future release of the PV-Grub AKI. I don't know any current work arounds, but I also don't think this will be a problem for very long. ;)

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Subject: How to boot XZ-compressed kernels on the EC2 ?

Hello James and everybody,

I just realised that recent Debian kernels are XZ-compressed and can not be
booted on the EC2.  Do you know a workaround, and do you think that it will
be a problem in the long term ?

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