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Re: AWS user-data doesn't works


Thanks for your help. I've try with head -n 1 but nothing happening. It seems that the ec2-run-user-data command is not executed during boot time. 
After booting if I run /etc/init.d/ec2-run-user-data  it works well.

I've nothing in syslog about his execution...

Very strange

2013/9/14 Anders Ingemann <anders@ingemann.de>
Assuming the script runs on startup, the fault should be here: https://github.com/andsens/build-debian-cloud/blob/master/init.d/ec2-run-user-data#L36
Is `head -1` correct usage, shouldn't it be `head -n 1`?


On 14 September 2013 12:38, Matthieu Boret <mboret86@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm on AWS and I use the latest version of the Debian AMI(7.1 from the marketplace). She's works well but I've just one issue with the execution of my user-data. 

He's not executed during the boot. 

However he begins with #!/bin/bash

I've try with this simple script:

echo "toto" > /tmp/test.log

But nothing is happening.

If I do a curl to retry my user-data, I can see my script:

Someone has an idea?



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