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"cloudy" events at DebConf13

On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 10:57:21AM +0800, James Bromberger wrote:
> I've just had approval to come to DebConf in a few weeks (from here in
> Australia), so I hope we can run a good couple of Cloud-agnostic and
> Debian on AWS BoFs and determine what we want to do in some face-to-face
> meetings! Very much looking forward to this, and I hope to bring some
> more stats and info on what AWS has done, and can do in future. One item
> we should talk about is expiring oldstable point releases (eg 6.0.6) and
> keeping the final point release only of each major release (ie: 6.0.7).

Yay! I'll be attending DebConf13 as well and will love to participate in
those events. Please remember to submit them to Penta though. At
https://penta.debconf.org/penta/submission/dc13/all_events (probably
accessible only after you login in Penta) there are currently quite a
few, some submitted by Jimmy and other folks at Google (about GCE and
the image qualification process) and other about private clouds (by
Thomas for Openstack and other folks for Eucalyptus). But there's
nothing yet about AWS, nor Azure FWIW. I'd love to hear back from people
who have worked on those, so please submit your talk proposals!

See you soon then :)
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