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Re: AWS: Debian 7.1 AMIs now in all regions.

On 19/06/13 00:05, James Bromberger wrote:
> I have generated Debian 7.1 point release base AMIs in all AWS Regions,
> and updated the wiki page accordingly.

Nice work.

> I'd love to get the instance
> store scripts incorporated into the build-debian-cloud, but I haven't
> had time to work on them - can anyone else send patches in to Anders?

I have patches that seem to work fine, and they have been sent through,
but the patches won't be accepted since build-debian-cloud is to be
replaced shortly with a Python rewrite. Discussion here:


In the meantime, this script could be the easiest way to generate
instance store images. Might need to add the plugins/admin-user to the
list of plugins at the bottom though.



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