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RE: Re: RE: Instance-store Amazon AMI

Hi all,

<Debian developer hat>

S3 AMIs sounds like a good idea to me, but I haven’t had time yet to work on this. I think that while ec2debian-build-ami may not have a “--s3” option right now, we (anyone here) should perhaps contribute patches to make it so and then offer S3 backed and EBS backed.


We also have yet to provide HVM based AMIs (take a look at the larger instance types); again patches welcomed I’m sure, and should be easily do-able. I would then see us offering 4 “base Debian” AMIs per release:


·         PVM EBS

·         PVM S3

·         HVM EBS

·         HVM S3



In other news, I have updated the wiki page at http://wiki.debian.org/Cloud/AmazonEC2Image/Squeeze with the information about the new 6.0.7 AMIs generated on Sunday morning (Jetlag in Seattle), and with no ill effects reported, I pushed this to the AWS Marketplace team on Tuesday, and am awaiting this to be visible in the Marketplace catalogue; I’ll contribute the Marketplace AMI IDs to the documentation when I see them.


Perhaps we should offer the CloudFormation Template on this documentation showing both the Debian-Account AMIs, and the Marketplace ones and let the user select (via the mapping function)  which they want to use (note: up to now, AWS Marketplace is not available in ap-southeast-2/Sydney, so the Debian-AMI-account AMI is the only choice here).



…. but if anyone gets to contribute patches for S3 based AMIs before me, let me know! :)





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Hello Chris,

well yes, I have seen them already, but the security of user-contributed AMIs" warning plus the
"This is a RightScale Open Source MultiCloud Image supported by the community only and is an alpha release not recommended for production systems." note regarding Rightscale AMIs specifically make people anxious.
So I would normally expect from Debian to publish officially S3 backed AMIs for squeeze at least, and for wheezy maybe it would be enough to publish S3 backed AMIs like the way EBS backed wheezy AMIs have been published so far (as a cooperation between Debian, James Bromberger and Anders Ingemann as I can understand so far).


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