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Re: RE: Instance-store Amazon AMI

On Wed, 27 Feb 2013 21:28:53 +1100, Kostis Fardelas <dante1234@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello guys,

however the absence of S3 backed squeeze and wheezy AMIs are a reality.
I tried to build my own AMIs using amazon ami tools but I dislike all the
dependencies that need to be installed in the source instance and
unavoidably are embedded in the target AMIs (haven't found a way to exclude
them till now). The ephemeral storage of each instance type is not
automatically mounted. Maybe I have to do something similar to what James
described but outside the Cloudformation scope.

After having a little email talk with Anders, we concluded that
ec2debian-build-ami cannot produce S3 backed AMIs right now, but it would
be pretty straightforward to do it by using euca2ools for it and avoid
installing ami tools, jre etc. I think that there is a necessity for many
people to have S3 backed instances, because that poses much less dependency
on Amazon services (such as EBS) and also reduces cost.

In the following days, I will try to produce instance store AMIs as Anders
suggested and keep you updated. However, I believe that it is important
both S3 backed and EBS backed official debian instances to exist. What do
you think?
They do exist :)



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