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Debian Squeeze 6.0.7 AMIs on Amazon Web Services

Hello all,

<role name="debian-developer">

I have just generated fresh AMIs for the new point release of Squeeze released yesterday, 6.0.7 (see [0]). Anders has been kind enough to tag the ec2debian-build-ami accordingly [1]. All these generated AMIs are pushed as "public", as are the underlying EBS snapshots.

Improvements to this release includes the "delete on terminate" for the root EBS volume, and others as noted at [2].

While I have generated the AMIs in the Debian AMI account, I will submit this _tomorrow_ (Sunday 25th February 2013)  to the AWS Marketplace team, who will clone this (in US East 1) into THEIR AWS account, and distribute as part of the Marketplace offering (as noted before, with a NO CHARGES on top of the base AWS EC2 computer charges). I intend to make both the Marketplace and Debian AMI account AMIs available in all regions I can. Please note that at this stage, this excludes the US GovCloud Region - if this affects you, please contact me.

I also intend to continue to offer the previous point release, 6.0.6, from the Debian AMI AWS Account for the foreseeable future (6.0.6 may be archived some period after Wheezy (7) releases, but this will be given plenty of notice, and the final 6.0.x point release will be kept available). I will then update the wiki with the new release information.

Here are the list of AMIs worldwide for 6.0.7 in the Debian AMI Account -- I appreciate any feedback and testing before I submit to the AWS Marketplace tomorrow:


N Virginia/US-East-1:
ami-7ce17315: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-amd64-20130224
ami-2ae17343: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-i386-20130224

ami-cecf5afe: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-i386-20130224
ami-decf5aee: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-amd64-20130224

N California/US-West-1:
ami-a41f3de1: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-amd64-20130224
ami-b81f3dfd: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-i386-20130224

ami-582e262c: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-i386-20130224
ami-722e2606: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-amd64-20130224

ami-ec9ed3be: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-i386-20130224
ami-f89ed3aa: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-amd64-20130224

ami-13e76112: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-amd64-20130224
ami-1fe7611e: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-i386-20130224

ami-8cfd6cb6: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-i386-20130224
ami-94fd6cae: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-amd64-20130224

Sao Paulo/SA-East-1:
ami-d1fe25cc: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-i386-20130224
ami-d9fe25c4: 379101102735/debian-squeeze-amd64-20130224


Note that this is PVM images only, we have not yet generated HVM images (so larger instance-types [3] will not boot this image).

Please also note that if you are running 6.0.6 then you can simply apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade to move from 6.0.6 to 6.0.7.





[0] http://www.debian.org/News/2013/20130223
[1] https://github.com/andsens/ec2debian-build-ami/tree/offical-6.0.7-2013/02/24
[2] https://github.com/andsens/ec2debian-build-ami/blob/offical-6.0.7-2013/02/24/CHANGELOG.md
[3] http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/


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