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Bug#697490: Passwordless sudo without modifying /etc/sudoers ?

On Sun, 06 Jan 2013 14:32:04 +1100, Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> wrote:

Package: cloud.debian.org
Severity: minor

Hello everybody,

while updating from Squeeze to Wheezy an image created by ec2debian-build-ami,
I was interrupted by dpkg to manage the update of /etc/sudoers as it was
locally modified by ec2debian-build-ami to add the following line:


At first I thought that it could be simplified by simply adding the admin user to the sudoer group, however this does not work as the admin user does not have a password, and by default, sudo will ask for one to the members of the sudo


However, I note that in Ubuntu, a password is not asked, despite that the
configuration is very similar (using the group admin instead of sudo).

%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL

Does anybody know how to allow passwordless access to the members of the sudo group without modifying /etc/sudoers ? This would simplify the interactive
upgrades of our virtual machines.
Afaik, this is what /etc/sudoers is for and should be edited by visudo, at least for interactive (SUDOERS(5)). For automation of this configuration I like using Chef and the sudo cookbook, http://community.opscode.com/cookbooks/sudo. I am not sure why you are looking for another way without editing /etc/sudoers.

Have a nice Sunday,


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