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Bug#696154: cloud.debian.org: Please install 'less' by default on official Debian AMIs.

Le Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 01:04:48PM +0100, Anders Ingemann a écrit :
> Most certainly, I have a standard-packages plugin which is supposed to
> install the packages one would expect to see in a base install.
> This plugin also installs less. I think I should remove vim and emacs from
> it though.
> You can see the list here:
> https://github.com/andsens/ec2debian-build-ami/blob/master/plugins/standard-packages-tasks/add-standard-packages
> I also have a ticket on github for this:
> https://github.com/andsens/ec2debian-build-ami/issues/19
> I'm not sure where the discussion for standard packages should be
> continued, should we just keep it in bugs.debian?

Hi Anders,

it depends the path we chose.  How about using a metapackage to control the
contents of the machine image ?  In that case, the metapackage could either
come from an ad-hoc source package, or why not taskel ?

To Thomas: less is installed on almost all Debian systems where
popularity-contest is installed, and is used in almost a half of these systems.
So instances used interactively, this is definitely a command that is missing.

But in the long run, we need a solid criterion to decide what is included and
what is not.  Do you or others know about evaluations on the costs caused by
adding extra kilobytes or megabytes to a machine image ?



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