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Re: aeolus packages

On 12/11/2012 02:37 PM, Hideki Yamane wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Nov 2012 19:08:09 +0900
> Hideki Yamane <henrich@debian.or.jp> wrote:
> Status update:
> [accepted]
>  pshpere
>  vmdk-stream-converter


Does vmdk-stream-convert works only one way, or is it
possible to use it to convert a ESXi image to let's say
an EC2 AMI image?

> [NEW queue]
>  imagefactory

I've very happy you're packaging imagefactory. Thanks!

>  deltacloud-client
> [...]
>  deltacloud-core
> [...]
It's very cool that you're working on deltacloud too.
Let's continue to make Debian more cloud friendly!



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