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Re: Bug#694923: better / alternative image distribution

On 12/02/2012 07:29 PM, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> Are the EC2 images also usable as is on other Amazon-like cloud 
> infrastructures? If they are not, then I do not see the point of using 
> our own resources for the benefit of a specific cloud provider.
They are normally useable with Openstack, which is in Wheezy.
If you want to try Openstack though, it might be more easy to
do so with our latest release (eg: 2012.2.1) only available in
our Git on Alioth:


Following this howto, one should be up-and-running with
Openstack within 30 minutes (plus of course the time it
would take to install Wheezy on a few servers).

I would also like to highlight that Canonical releases some LTS
images specifically made to run on EC2 or on Openstack (and
maybe, with a stronger focus on Openstack). I see no reason
why Debian wouldn't do it as well.



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