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Re: Anybody here ?

On 10/12/2018 13:33, Marek Mosiewicz wrote:
> W dniu 10.12.2018, pon o godzinie 01∶12 -0500, użytkownik Jo Shields
> napisał:
>> A major update (5.15.x) is scheduled for upload before Xmas, pending
>> some work on mips support 
> Any help wanted ? I heard that there is some open source RISC processor
> on the way. 

Preliminary RISC-V support was merged but isn't in shippable state yet:

I'm sitting down with a porting engineer tomorrow morning to fix MIPS
support enough to upload into Debian. It'll likely take some
back-and-forth with the relevant Debian people, since there are a lot of
major changes from an archive perspective in the 5.x series

> Unfortunately my son computer got broken and I'm buying new one for me.
> I have not lot of money to spend so It will be Celeron (they are back
> :))  with DDR4 controller. Anyway $100 computer seems still to be a
> dream.

You can buy a minimal ARM system for around that, e.g. a Pinebook.

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> Running Debian ?

Not in this case.

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