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Re: Bug#648775: Mono 2.10 Transition has started (was Re: Bug#648775: transition: mono 2.10)

On 01/30/2012 03:04 PM, Mathieu Malaterre wrote:
> Quick question, gdcm is setup the following way:
> $ cat control
> ...
> Package: libgdcm-cil
> Section: cli-mono
> Architecture: i386 lpia kfreebsd-i386 powerpc amd64 kfreebsd-amd64
> ia64 arm armeb armel sparc s390
> ...
> Isn't there something easier such as ${mono:Architecture} ? Or do I
> need a source upload each time there is a change in mono source ?

Since mono 2.10.1-2 there is /usr/share/mono/mono-archs.make which
includes 2 variables:
DEB_MONO_ARCHS and DEB_MONO_SGEN_ARCHS which can be used to get a list
of all mono arches.

If you can pass that directly to debian/control and use it, I haven't
tried that, but dh_gencontrol allows to pass
custom variables, see debian/rules of the mono source package


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