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Re: Taskbar in Linux

On 12/10/2011 00:25, praveen wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> i am supporting student to implement a our own taskbar in linux
> In Linux if a process in opened(Say for example firefox, xterminal and
> calculator) .... All these process get attached to the taskbar and can be
> maximized, minimized or closed.  How is this implemented in the taskbar....
> Can any you Please let me know how this works or... can you please let me know
> where and while file i can refer to in Linux Source code to look in to this
> implemented....

Hi Praveen,

This mailing list is for discussion about packaging-related issues of packages
using the CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) in Debian, and hence your
question is kind of off-topic here.

Since you came to this mailing list anyway, I'm assuming you want to write
something like that in C#. While I'm not very familiar with how a taskbar
application would be written, I can point you to a pretty popular application
which does something similar -- Docky.

You may access Docky's source code by running "apt-get source docky" in a terminal.

Kind regards,
Loong Jin

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