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Re: f-spot 0.8 should go to Squeeze

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 12:21:11 +0100, Iain Lane wrote:

> Greetings,
> We just uploaded the next stable version of f-spot to experimental,
> versioned as 0.8.0-1.
> This release is mostly a consolidation release on top of 0.6.2 which
> is the version currently in Squeeze. I am of the opinion that the
> improvements that this release offers make it a worthy candidate for
> inclusion in the next Debian stable release. We have been staging the
> development releases in experimental, and they have received testing
> there, as well as being picked up by derivative distributions and
> tested by their users. Please decide if, were to upload to unstable,
> you would unblock and allow this version to transition.
> The import system, one of the most flaky parts of 0.6.2 has been
> rewritten to be much more robust. There is an extensive list of closed
> Debian bugs related to import.
> Metadata support is also much more robust than in the past. A bug
> which concerned many users was that f-spot would modify imported
> originals in 0.6.2. This has been fixed now, and f-spot will never
> write to your images unless you explicitly ask it to in the
> preferences.
> Most of our distro patches were disabled or upstreamed. Only one
> remains, where we differ in opinion from upstream. The other patch is
> a late fix backported from git.
> Upstream is of the opinion that 0.6.2 is now unsupported. He is
> willing to support 0.8 with bug fixes for the long term. Of course if
> you decide to deny this request then I will do my best to support
> 0.6.2 regardless.
> The diff(stat) output will not be of much use to you, since the source
> tree was reorganised to be more logical.
I think it's way too late (about 2 months) for this, sorry.


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