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Re: Fwd: SONAME for python modules is bad?

On Sat Jul 25 06:27, Matthias Klose wrote:
> Wrong. It's already done, including a version in the file name and having 
> a symlink to an unversioned jar. It should be possible to do something 
> similiar with jni bindings.

That's not a complete solution. 1. it's not reflected in package names,
2. the unversioned symlink is included in the jar, so they are non
coinstallable, 3. the versions are specified as package versions, not
incompatible upgrade bumps, which means you transition on every new
upstream release, 4. there's no automatic resolution of these versions
for classpaths or dependencies, which makes all the transitions either
very painful, or everyone ignores the versions and therefore you don't
get any benefit from it.


Matthew Johnson

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