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Re: Request for someone to review my deb packages, and get themmerge into unstable

Hi Jo,

I have fix the ITP bug on changelog, and update Stand-Version to 3.8.2,

and I also fix the bug error for uiautomationwinforms, 
and manage to build them on my PPA, the links are below.
please take a look and review them. 

Thanks a lot in advance! :)

>>>> On 6/18/2009 at  5:13 PM, in message
> <4A3F9D41.802B.0061.0@novell.com>, Ray
> Wang wrote: 
> > all the them into debian/ubuntu.  Big thanks to you guys. 
> >  
> > debian files:  
> > http://anonsvn.mono-project.com/viewvc/trunk/uia2atk/build/debian/

> > debian packages:
> >  
> > uiautomationwinforms has an additional patch for ubuntu, but it
> to fix an error, and it won't hurt anything.  
> >  
> > Thank you for your helps 

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