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Re: Request for someone to review my deb packages, and get themmerge into unstable

Hey there,

> There's a lot of text here, but I want to be sure I'm thorough
> that you understand what - and why - I'm suggesting things. If you
> make all the changes listed here, then poke meebey again - he'll
> a git repository on git.debian.org for you to use, give the package
> quick check himself, then upload it.

I would say thank you to Jo(directhex) for reviewing my package, 
and also thank folks who hanging out in IRC, I got lots of helps from

And directhex, Could you look at my update again? I have followed your
and updated my debian build files. Please take a look at them. There
are three 
packages, mono-uia, uiautomationwinforms, uiaatkbridge, I would like to
all the them into debian/ubuntu.  Big thanks to you guys.

debian files:
debian packages: https://edge.launchpad.net/~raywang/+archive/uia2atk

uiautomationwinforms has an additional patch for ubuntu, but it just to
fix an error, 
and it won't hurt anything. 

Thank you for your helps

Ray Wang (王磊)
Software Engineer
+86 10 6533 9220

Novell Software (Beijing) Ltd
Making IT Work As One

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