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Re: Request for someone to review my deb packages, and get them merge into unstable

On Mon, 2009-06-15 at 04:12 -0600, Ray Wang wrote:
> Hi, 
> Would anyone have time to review it? :)

Okay, I'll start with the main mono-uia package:

* Urgency should not be set to high (this is used for security updates
* Bug close lines need to EXACTLY say "(Closes: #123456)" as they are
machine-read, and different text will not be matched (and bugs not

No obvious issues

* Missing dependency on ${cli:Depends}
* Library package names should be of the format "libfooN.N-cil" where
"foo" is the name of the library (e.g. "libmono-uia" or "libflickrnet"
or "libmono-addins"), and "N.N" is the major.minor version of the
assembly in the package, i.e. libmono-uia3.0-cil. This version number
must be bumped in the event of ABI breakage (i.e. if a policy file can't
handle it)
* There is no need to explicitly build-depend on mono-gac, this is
pulled in by mono-devel
* Current version of Debian Policy is 3.8.1
* Since all files produced in this package are architecture-independent,
the packages required to build those files (i.e. mono-devel) should be
in Build-Depends-Indep, not Build-Depends. The debhelper build-dep
should stay where it is, though.

No obvious issues

No obvious issues

* The libraries themselves should be installed here into a
policy-compliant location, but NOT to the GAC (this is handled by a list
of libraries in a debian/mono-uia.installcligac file). The
policy-compliant location would be /usr/lib/mono/upstream_package_name/

* See above

* Since you have no arch-specific files, you can simply remove the
binary-arch rule and calls to it
* You are missing any Mono-specific dh rules, which means your packages
have no dependencies. Add a build-depends-indep on cli-common-dev, and
be sure to call dh_installcligac, dh_makeclilibs, and dh_clideps. For a
better idea of DH5-style rules specific to Mono packaging, see
http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-cli-libs/packages/cecil-flowanalysis/trunk/debian/rules - and the binary-indep rule specifically

I suspect some of these errors will be common across all your packages,
so let me know when the above issues are resolved, and I'll re-look (and
look at the other two).

All in all, not a bad first attempt, especially for someone with no
Debian background.

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