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Re: [Mono-dev] [mono-packagers] Mono 2.4 Preview Packages for Debian/Unstable(now also for AMD64)

>>> On 6/4/2009 at  5:52 AM, in message
<20090603235226.0d5a8ad8@redbull>, Mirco
Bauer <meebey@debian.org> wrote: 
> Which deb line did you use? The archive is a bit sensitive
> (actually broken) regards that...
> deb http://debian.meebey.net/pkg-mono/mono /
> that one should work,

sorry, but my deb line is exactly the line above.

> That means that the Packages list file of the archive doesn't match
> content I guess.
> dfsg-2~pre1 is newer btw

so pre1 is newer than pre2 package? 


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