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New cinnamon version and possible improve to salsa gits

Hi, today new upstream version was tagged.

xapp and python-xapp are minor versions that can be uploaded to unstable when ready (I started prepare them but not tested for now).

about cinnamon even if tagged 5.4.0 unfortunately like the other times several PR merge have been made just before the tag not to mention that this time a big muffin rebase has just been merged and other major changes on other components that unfortunately had remained until yesterday only in PR with too few testing so cinnamon 5.4 is to be considered in a "beta" (if not "alpha") state currently, I will start preparing the packages for experimental but they will need be checked well because several require significant changes, I helped a little to improve packaging upstream on some components (where in part can get from it) but may not be complete or good enough for the debian standards and latest version (upstream need support older versions of debian and ubuntu)

about import of new upstream version as was decided by marga and maxy many years ago there was fetch of upstream git and merging also it for history but as saw in latest years is better don't keep upstream history which can make the debian/  history difficult to use soI would have thought of not using that thing anymore as norbert and joshua did of they upstream version imports

about DEP14 (https://dep-team.pages.debian.net/deps/dep14/) even if still a "candidate" state many project use it, what do you think of change master branch to debian/latest (or debian/unstable if think is better) and experimental to debian/experimental? or you think is better keep master on existing gits for now?

about d/watch I think is good simplify all like this: https://salsa.debian.org/cinnamon-team/xapp/-/commit/81e5d973c968326cf361ec14518df4870814f05e is ok or you think there is other needed improvements?

you have suggestions on other possible changes/improvements?

thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english

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