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Re: Norbert Preining: Future of “my” packages in Debian

Il 18/01/2022 20:04, Christoph Martin ha scritto:
Dear Cinnamon Team,

As a followup to


I can offer (as DD) to do sponsored uploads for cinnamon packages, if you like.


Hi, big thanks for your offert.

Now that Norbert no longer uses cinnamon but helps us with uploads (big thanks to Norbert), and there was a period when Norbert couldn't upload where I couldn't find someone to sponsor the upload of 15 components at the same time for a new cinnamon major version, I think which would be very useful to us your help.

@Norbert: what do you think?

now that there isn't a DD with upload permission active in the cinnamon team there is also difficult to find sponsor for new packages (like nemo-compare) and return to have an active DD with upload permission in team or as sponsor would be good

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