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Bug#1001536: cinnamon-control-center-goa: Online Accounts crashes when trying to add account with web login

Il 14/12/2021 02:44, Alejandro Morales Lepe ha scritto:
Hello! thanks for your reply! I'm very happy to see the commit on the
bullseye branch.

I have been trying to test, however I am not familiar with the
desktop's code structure, so I couldn't build it. I looked around for
building instructions but I couldn't find something helpful. Is there
any documenation that could help me with that?

I would appreciate any pointer to that.

- Alejandro

for build packages should be:

sudo apt install packaging-dev

sudo apt build-dep cinnamon

git clone https://salsa.debian.org/cinnamon-team/cinnamon.git

cd cinnamon

git checkout pristine-tar

git checkout upstream

git checkout bullseye

gbp buildpackage

now I don't remember if I wrote you everything you need, unfortunately I'm going out and I don't have time to turn on the development pc and check, if you have problems let me know

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