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Bug#1000700: Debian 11 - Cinnamon 4.8.6-2 ne fonctionne pas correctement

Il 05/12/2021 02:28, phamiet@bluewin.ch ha scritto:

The problem exists on my computers with the "special icons" FWIK, as can be seen from the screenshots I have provided to you.

The auto-disposition function is not desirable for me, as it prevents manual positioning of folders.

I know I can retrieve the settings from /home, but a quick config tool would always be helpful, especially for people who don't know you can change styles or don't know how to change styles by hand. And then when you have problems like I described them to you, you think that your /home may be corrupted. In such a case you have to reconfigure everything by hand which takes a lot of time to know what to do before you get there... It would be desirable for such a tool to be present in the Cinnamon "System Settings" folder !!

FWIK more used DE like gnome (cinnamon was forked from it) don't have gui tools for backup settings but is done in same way copying folders from the home or from command line with tools like dconf, or is there gui tool that I don't know integrated in latest gnome?

Also there isn't gui tools at welcome and integrated that they guide users through some initial settings or have they added them? the times I have used gnome3 in recent years it seems to me much worse that cinnamon about settings, less intuitive/user friendly and with more need for extensions in many cases.

Obviously you are right that having such things "out of the box" and integrated in the DE would be great but unfortunately they are to be considered whishlist (or in some cases feature request to try to propose upstream).

However any help or advice is welcome.



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