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Bug#1000700: Debian 11 - Cinnamon 4.8.6-2 dont work correctly

Il 04/12/2021 02:53, phamiet@bluewin.ch ha scritto:

I don't speak English well either :)

- Yes, it is the folders on the desktop which change place after reboot and which do not align correctly and if I put a file on the desktop it overlaps the folders ;-(
Yesterday testing about another issue I found one old Sid vm I used for clean cinnamon 4.8 packages before upload and from a fast test I don't see strange icon issue, about align I see something in past but can be avoid with some setting that keep align the icons, I'll do a clean bullseye vm when I'll have time to check also it

- At this URL you can see the Mint configuration tool offering a traditional or modern desktop design. If we could have this module available under Debian that would be great. Ideally, this tool should be present in all distributions using Cinnamon...


Is a mint specific tool (https://github.com/linuxmint/mintwelcome) and don't seems good to have in debian, it would be good to have a language tool and a few other mint independent settings to use in debian and other distros but I don't have time to develop it.

From FWIK anyway all settings except language can be done in cinnamon control panel and nemo settings easy and fast, recently on new pc I built I install ubuntu 20.04 with cinnamon (from debian packages) and setted all needed thing in cinnamon and nemo in few minutes (and about the language ubuntu already have another tool for set it easy and fast), I hope in future improvements useful for beginners but for now I give priority to maintain the packages, updating them to new versions and trying to have as few bugs as possible (and if possible give small help testing something on upstream important for cinnamon future, like muffin rebase, unfortunately, even in cinnamon upstream there is a shortage of developers and testers).

- I regret that there are not many people working on the project with you, I hope you will find some help.

Do what you can ... and close the ticket if you don't think you can do more.
No problem, thanks for your report, I'll keep open and I'll check also bullseye clean. I also will take this into account if the opportunity arises to evaluate any changes to the default settings (using override on packages).

Happy end of Year celebrations.


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