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Re: Me and Fabio stepping up to maintain

Il 13/06/2021 02:20, Norbert Preining ha scritto:
> Hi Joshua, hi all,
> thanks for your email and willingness!!! Much appreciated.
>> After Norbert has announced that he does not want to do any packaging work/maintenance for Cinnamon, I'd be happy to step up. In fact, I got the debian folder part of it all done, placed in Ubuntu Cinnamon's GitHub Repos: https://github.com/Ubuntu-Cinnamon-Remix. For me, this is mostly an announcement post saying I'm ready.

@Joshua: you should clone all branch of git, including pristine-tar and
upstream (and keep update before any new version) and for import a new
upstream version:

gbp import-orig --verbose --filter '*/debian/*' --filter '*/.pc/*'
--pristine-tar --filter-pristine-tar --upstream-vcs-tag="%(version)s"
--merge-mode=replace --uscan

(as told to me from maxy some years ago if I remember good)

and if you should use a different branch from master add for example:

> Please go ahead! If you have packages ready targetting experimental of
> cinnamon 5, I am more than happy to review and upload them.
>> And while this is great and all, one man (especially one coming from somewhere else) just hopping up to be the one man is difficult. I suggest that Fabio Fantoni <fantonifabio@tiscali.it>, if willing, should also help step up. He does a lot in playing with upstream, forwarding bug reports, etc. and I would love to be able to work with him.
> This is up to Fabio.
> As mentioned otherwise, I am happy to give you two uploading rights to
> the Cinnamon packages if you are DMs (are you?). And if you aren't, I
> think this would be a good time ;-)
> Thanks everyone for helping out!

@Norbert: I gived an help for cinnamon some years and recently I
maintain freeipmi but I never did the procedure for uploading myself to
debian repo.

I don't have a lot of time but I'll try to keep giving a small help for
maintain cinnamon packages, I still use cinnamon as main DE.

> Norbert
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