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Re: cjs mozjs 78 versus gjs

Il 02/10/2020 02:28, Norbert Preining ha scritto:
> Update
>> - patch cjs to newer gjs
>> 	about 400 files and tens of thousands of lines touched
>> 	this is what is currently in experimental and looks like
>> 	a working solution
> That is what is in Debian/experimental
>> - switch cinnamon completely to gjs instead of cjs
> There is now a branch "switch-to-gjs" and I have successfully built
> packages and installed and run them on my computer, including a few
> applets.

The second ("switch-to-gjs") is a repository online? if yes can you tell
me the address please?

if I'll have time today or tomorrow I'll try both, in the second case
I'll also uninstall cjs, to test some applet that seems "forced" to cjs
and I suppose will not working

> Best
> Norbert
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