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Dconf schemas for icon desktop grid spacing not updating properly to dconf

My friend suggested a tool to change the positioning of the icons, and although it exists I am going to make an app to make it a little easier and accessible.

I saw the slider for horizontal and vertical grid spacing. Traced the schema to org.nemo.desktop. vertical-grid-adjust and horizontal-grid-adjust do not properly update.

As you move the slider in the icon customizer that comes with cinnamon, the icons change. However, when trying to change values in dconf, or updating schemas, dconf does not go through. This is important since it is a double and has a big limit-and there is already a limit Cinnamon by default sets for itself which I cannot find.

Reporting this issue on the schemas:
org.nemo.desktop: vertical-grid-adjust, horizontal-grid-adjust

And please let me know if there is another place to submit bugs that would be seen better.

-- Joshua Peisach

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