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Re: Cinnamon 4.2, salsa and master branch

Il 01/10/2019 15:28, Norbert Preining ha scritto:
>> I think should be uploaded if Maxy it has nothing against it.
> Max already mentioned that it should be uploaded.
> I have now build (in clean chroot), installed, signed and uploaded the
> new version. Let us see how it goes.
> Thanks
> Norbert

Now cinnamon 4.2 is available also in Sid, I upgraded to it and tried
your fallback patch that add an option to disable users spices, I used
the looking glass option to produce a cinnamon crash, first time it
reboot normal without fallback dialog windows, the second appair your
updated windows but with flag selected and clicking yes rebooted normal
(with user spices), the third time rebooted normal and after was
appaired the fallback window, and after click yes with flag selected
rebooted another but correctly without user spices.

This is a very strange thing and I not understand if there is a bug or
unexpected case with your patch or if is an unexpcted case of crash of
looking glass. I'll probably try to change one applet to make cinnamon
crash "normally" and understand better.

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