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Re: Xapp and Nemo uploads to testing

Il 20/07/2019 21:43, David Mohammed ha scritto:
Hi all,

  Does the team have anywhere that describes its package upload plans for unstable/testing?

I am particularly interested in xapp 1.2.5 and Nemo v4.2.1.

If there are no plans in the next week or so, are there any objections with me having a closer look at the current packages and doing a sponsored NMU?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Cheers David

I want prepare cinnamon and related packages 4.2 for experimental but probably I'll not have time to do and test them good only until I'll be on vacation (probably not before september) because a good work, and full testing (including check open bugs) it can easily take a few dozen hours.

For contribute there are official packages gits here:


In experimental branch there are 4.0 packages that seems ready (but I not tested them) but not released, for contributing is good starting from them, and can be useful also compare with upstream ones (for example for avoid missed deps).

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